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Newsletter: February 2, 2023

When the easy yoke feels hard In Matthew 11 Jesus invites us to come find rest in him, only his rest looks more like taking on a yoke. This was language of a 'yoke' was used for a rabbi's teaching, discipling, and training others in how to learn and live. Come find rest in Jesus by learning from Jesus a whole new way to live. I've heard from many of you that you identifi...

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Kids Ministry Feedback

Hey Shallowford Family, This past Sunday we had a meeting to get feedback on our kids ministry from parents and volunteers. Thank you for giving us your time and thoughts. It's encouraging to see God working to align us as we try to move in the same direction. I'd like to share some next steps that we are working on right now. First, Bob Mehaffey is helping us with cu...

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A Letter From The Elders

[On Sunday, May 29, 2022, Len Greski read this letter to our church family in light of the recent report released by the Southern Baptist Convention's Sexual Abuse Task Force.] Pastor Day's message last week about adultery, marriage and divorce, as well as this week's message about oaths are prophetic relative to the difficult family business we must conduct today. As m...

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A New Identity

A New Identity How do you feel that things are broken in the world? How do you sense things are broken in you? When you feel brokenness inside you, how do you try to fix it? How do you try to make yourself feel "right"? Jesus is the only one who can make you truly right. He justifies you by grace alone because he took your sin to the cross and paid the price you could...

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Gospel Potential

The Mission of Discipleship: Seeing People with Gospel Potential Did you know that to live on mission with Jesus you do not have to add anything to your life? Just keep doing what you're doing, but change your perspective of people. See people with Gospel Potential. Gospel Potential looks at people not based on who they are right now, or who they've been, but who they...

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Sermon Recap: The Process of Discipleship

The Process of Discipleship This week we're considering the process of discipleship. A disciple is being changed by Jesus. This change is a lifetime process! It doesn't happen overnight. But how is Jesus changing us? He's aiming at our hearts. "And he said to them, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'" Matthew ...

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Sermon Recap: Invitation to Discipleship

Sermon Recap: Invitation to Discipleship On Sunday, we started a new series simply called, "Discipleship." It's a word you may have heard, maybe you think of classes to take, or a rigorous list of disciplines to follow. In reality, we're all being discipled all the time. By shows, social media, movies, news, school, and on and on. Everything is shaping us to be certai...

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