The church is a family to belong to. 

In Scripture, the church is not a place to attend or even a program to participate in. The church is God's family. There is no such thing as a healthy solo Christian. We were made to be both needy and needed, be known and know others, love and be loved, serve and be served. Church membership is how we make that belonging tangible.  


Deeper relationships require deeper trust and deeper commitment.

Members at Shallowford...

  • Give testimony of being saved by Jesus Christ
  • Have been baptized since becoming a Christian
  • Agree to our Statement of Faith
  • Commit to our Church Covenant. 

Church Membership Process

Our church membership process is simple and includes only 3 things:

  1. Start by filling out our Membership Form. 
  2. One of our Pastors will follow-up to schedule a Membership Interview. 
  3. We will publicly celebrate your membership with our church family during a Sunday worship service. 
Membership Form

Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith lays out the core doctrines that we believe are non-negotiable. The church troughout history has sought to simplify their beliefs into statements in order to present a clear picture of what they truly believe. We cooperate with Great Commission Baptist (Southern Baptist Convention) and we take the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 as our Statement of Faith.  


A church covenant lays the foundations for our shared life together as members of this local church. When we agree to the same covenant we know what to expect of one another and we know what's expected of us. The covenant shows how we ought to live in light of what we believe in our Statement of Faith. Here is our covenant that each member commits to:

                                        • Pursue my own personal spiritual growth in my daily walk with God.
                                        • Worship God in my daily relationship with Him and together with our church family.
                                        • Walk with others in disciple-making relationships because I need the church family and they need me.
                                        • Give my time, talents, and treasures to serve others, and thankfully receive when the church family serves me.
                                        • Live on mission where God has sent me every day, and with our church family among neighbors and nations.