Our Story.   

Shallowford Church has been a part of this community for over 30 years through different names, locations, and people. As we look back, we see God's faithfulness. We're thankful for all who have been a part of this church and we love this community.  

Our Mission.

As we look ahead, we want to build the future of Shallowford Church on God's promises. He promises to give us life in Jesus, so our mission is simple: make disciples who find their life in Jesus. You can try to find life in many things, but only one can truly satisfy: Jesus.

To make disciples who find their life in Jesus. 

Jesus' final words have been passed down from his disciples to churches all over the world for thousands of years: "I am sending you...be witnesses...make disciples." We embrace this same mission of Jesus today and share the good news about Jesus with our neighbors and the nations. You really can have life, but only through a relationship with Jesus. Jesus wants to change your life, and we want to tell you how. 

Our Map.  

Our map shows how we make disciples. A disciple is someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and joining Jesus on mission. Look at the way Jesus extended the invitation to some of his earliest followers in Matthew 4:19, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." So what is our map to make disciples today? 

Encountering God - Experiencing community - Engaging the world

We build all of our ministry around these 3 ideas. We want everyone to Encounter God personally and as we gather. Experiencing Community is both giving and receiving, being needy and needed, loving and being loved, knowing and being known. We also aim to Engage the World by bringing the good news of Jesus to our neighbors and the nations. 

Our Partners.

Guillermo and Maritza Sorian do ministry with churches, communities, and a local seminary in Northern Honduras. We are taking a trip in October of 2022. 

This work can only be done through prayer! Pray for our team:Brian and Alex Stowers, Bo Beatty, Jonathan Flower, Nathan Mayberry, and Jonny Day.

- Pray for Guillermo and Maritza

- Pray for the churches in Northern Honduras

- Pray for the gospel to spread in Northern Honduras

Encourage Global is a missionary care ministry that is run by Al and KK Gilbert, one of our Elders and his wife.  Al and Kk have a heart and passion for travelling to encourage and care for missionaries overseas while also teaching and training all over the world. They started Encourage Global to "encourage the workers and the work." 

Shallowford Church also participates in the cooperative program of the Great Commission Baptists (Southern Baptist Convention). A portion of everything you give goes to the International Mission Board to support full-time missionaries overseas.