Sermon Recap: Invitation to Discipleship

Sermon Recap: Invitation to Discipleship


On Sunday, we started a new series simply called, "Discipleship." It's a word you may have heard, maybe you think of classes to take, or a rigorous list of disciplines to follow. In reality, we're all being discipled all the time. By shows, social media, movies, news, school, and on and on. Everything is shaping us to be certain kinds of people, love certain kinds of thing, and aim our lives at some grand purpose. 

Jesus, however, has an invitation for you to be His disciple. He says to you the same thing he sais to His disciples in the 1st century: "Follow me." Watch the sermon recap video above and then read these 3 ways you can take Jesus up on his invitation to discipleship:

1. Humble myself 

  • Are there sins in your life you can confess to God?
  • Slow down this week to reflect on the ways you are weak and need to depend on God. Tell Him that you need His help. 
  • Read Psalm 51 and 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

2. Deny myself. 

  • How would you fill in this sentence: "If I only had                      I would be happy/satisfied/complete."
  • What plans or dreams are you holidng on to and not willing to let go of? 
  • Take some time this week to pray and tell Jesus that it's hard to totally deny yourself, lay down your will, and stop building your kingdom. 

3. Give myself. 

    • Make it a point to spend time every day in Scripture and prayer. 
    • Write Jesus a "blank check" with your life, telling him that it's all about His Kingdom and His Glory. 
    • Read Matthew 6:9-13