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Who told you?

In Matthew 11 and 12 Jesus says he offers rest. But how? The first way is by his authority. So, many of the things that cause unrest come because of who we are listening to. The Pharisees were trying to bring rest by imposing a complex set of rules and regulations, but they actually only put more burdens on people. In the same way, many of the things we hope will bring...

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Newsletter: February 2, 2023

When the easy yoke feels hard In Matthew 11 Jesus invites us to come find rest in him, only his rest looks more like taking on a yoke. This was language of a 'yoke' was used for a rabbi's teaching, discipling, and training others in how to learn and live. Come find rest in Jesus by learning from Jesus a whole new way to live. I've heard from many of you that you identifi...

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